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CakePhp Web Development

CakePHP is open source web application frame work meant for website creation. It provides architectural base in development of websites. Designed on the concept of Ruby Rails, it follows the pattern of MVC (model-view-controller). There are a few plus point of cake php, like it will give you one of the most powerful flexible data validation features; means good option for data based website, it has got MIT license, that makes it free for everyone, it is highly Compatible with PHP4 and PHP5, and the most important thing is, that it will reduce the cost of your website development and at the same time building application in it, is much faster.

Webkeon Technologies provides CakePHP Development services with the use of CakePHP framework for speedy and robust web application development. we serve the needs of large to small business and industrial groups by offering wide range of Cakephp Development Solution including cakephp development, cakephp customization, cakephp integration, custom cakephp development, cakephp theme integration, cakephp custom theme design, cakephp shopping cart development, cakephp seo development and many more.

Advantages of CakePHP Development Framework:

  • Easily compatible with PHP 4 and PHP 5
  • Object Oriented design for easy readability and maintainability
  • Code Generation through BAKE
  • Integrated CRUD for database and simplified querying
  • Quick implementation of Ajax, Forms, paging, RSS and other functionalities
  • Support for Search Engine Optimization
  • Security, session, and request handling components

Our professional CakePHP services

Webkeon Technologies offer professional CakePHP development services in India to clients around the globe. We have professional developers in CakePHP development and can provide you with the following versatile services on CakePHP:

  • CakePHP Customization.
  • CakePHP CMS development and System Design
  • CakePHP Custom Modules Development.
  • CakePHP extensions Development.
  • CakePHP Design Integration & Customization
  • CakePHP Module Installation
  • CakePHP Existing Modification
  • Maintenance Work for cakePHP site
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • CakePHP AJAX based Shopping Cart and many more.

Cake Php Web Development, CakePHP Customization
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